Sensitivity Estimator

Supported coordinates format:
12h34m56.2s -08d24m20.6s
12:34:56.2 -08:24:20.6
12.345 -13.678

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apr 2023
New version of FLIX available! Changes include:
  • performance improvements (processing time divided by 2)
  • possibility to request the server using a file
  • several improvements to the interface to improve user experience
  • bug fixes
jul 2022
The 4XMM-DR12 catalog release has been added to the website. Read more about it here. The website is still in early beta version !
apr 2022
Release of a beta version of FLIX sensitivity estimator


This website provides experimental access to the FLIX sensitivity estimator for XMM-Newton data. It is provided by the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre at IRAP and is based on 4XMM Data Release 12 data provided by the XMM-Newton Survey Science Centre Consortium.

What FLIX does: if you provide a position of interest on the sky, FLIX scans the public data products from XMM-Newton to determine whether each point was observed. If so FLIX:

  • Estimates a detection threshold to the X-ray flux at that point in various energy bands,
  • Provides a crude estimate of the actual flux within a circle centred on that point
  • Scans the 4XMM catalogue listing any detections within 2 arc-minutes, and display an X-ray image centred on the point.

Results are then returned in the form of a table and as a downloadable FITS file. For further information on input and outputs, see the online documentation

Please note that it is in its early beta stage...